Help for Itchy Dogs

(not sure this is entirely a positive thing).

This post is sponsored by Therabis™ and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to help share information about Therabis – Hemp wellness products to help your dog with itching, anxiety and joint mobility. The Adventures of Dottie CrazyPants only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Therabis is not responsible for the content of this article.

As you may know if you have followed Dottie for a while, she has been plagued by itchy skin since being rescued. We have tried just about everything – allergen removal, immunotherapy, diet changes, medications, laser therapy, acupuncture, socks, supplements, etc. Nothing has been effective long-term, and we are now trying to stick with holistic options for her because of side effects from medications.

In May, Dottie and I stayed in a hotel for four days. I brought blankets to cover the beds, washed in her special laundry soap, shipped in from Utah because it doesn’t irritate her skin. Dottie was not on board with this plan, and insisted on dragging the blankets off of both beds, then sleeping on the sheets. Unsurprisingly, by the time we left for home, her belly was covered in a rash, and as is usually the case with her skin, that was the start of a downward spiral.

therabis logoAbout a month ago, I received a message from Therabis asking me to submit my dog’s information to be considered for their #grabtheleash campaign. Not going to lie, I ended up with a 60 day supply, because I immediately googled the product and ordered a box just in case Dottie wasn’t selected through the campaign. I’ve seen pretty awesome results from CBD oil before (more on that later), plus I was desperate enough to try anything – based on Dottie’s medical history and sensitivity to medications, our vet doesn’t recommend many prescription medications for her.

So, for the last month, Dottie has been getting a packet of Therabis Stop The Itch every morning in her breakfast. July and August in North Carolina are not usually a good time for dogs with itchy skin (and a year ago she was coping with pneumonia as well), but her skin has improved tremendously in the past few weeks! She is far less itchy, the fur on her throat and belly is growing back in, she is sleeping better at night (ok, and during the day also), and most importantly, she is back to being her goofy self. Not sure the last part is entirely a good thing as it means she gets into trouble much more often, but it’s awesome to have her silly personality back!

Stop The Itch has given Dotters more relief from constant itching than anything we have tried in a year and a half. It combines hemp, quercetin and bromelain (natural histamine inhibitors), Vitamin C, green lipped mussel, and natural flavors, making it one of the few supplements that don’t cause Dottie to protest and go on a hunger strike. I also love that it doesn’t have tons of ingredients, which has ruled out a lot of supplements for her since she is allergic to one ingredient or another. And not to worry, hemp and marijuana are not the same thing – the cannabinoids/CMD in hemp will not get you or your dog high. They do have incredible benefits though – reducing inflammation, improving digestion, and supporting better sleep and moods. Therabis products were developed by a veterinarian and have more than a decade of testing behind them.

Stop The Itch is not Therabis’s only product: Calm and Quiet reduces anxiety without sedating your dog, and Up and Moving helps with joint mobility. If your dog, like Dottie, has been missing out on life’s adventures because of not feeling his or her best, give Therabis a try!

Dottie napping like a contortionist
I didn’t really think Dottie’s sleep could be improved upon, but she is resting very comfortably!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Therabis™. The opinions and text are all mine.

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