Dottie Opens Doors

So I’ve been waiting to post this particular entry until I could catch Dottie in the act and include a photo. But it seems she’s a sneaky one, and before she comes up with something even more ridiculous I figured I should get this one out there. 

You may remember that Dottie wasn’t fully potty-trained on arrival, since she had lived outside in a pen her whole life before coming to rescue (thankfully, it seems she has finally figured things out, with the exception of a little confusion over whether horse barns count as inside or outside). But, as of two weeks ago she hadn’t quite mastered potty training, even after weeks of solid effort. However, lever doorknobs she was able to completely understand within three days. 

 While staying  at Mom and Dad’s house, where at least four other dogs have lived for years without noticing the door  handles, Dottie realized in three days that opposable thumbs were unnecessary, and that she could come and go as she pleased. A normal dog would probably have started letting herself out for the call of nature, but luckily for us Dottie CrazyPants is no normal dog. 

Instead, she waited until my dad was sleeping late after a rough day of travel. Although all of the doors in the house, including exterior, have lever handles that she apparently can now operate, Dottie bypassed all of them for the door to Mom and Dad’s bedroom. Which she opened, then walked in and pooped next to the bed where Dad was sleeping, and then left to beg more treats from Mom. Appalling.

This week, she made it clear that although she has finally gotten the hang of potty training, she still plans to use her door opening skills to cause havoc. She was napping during a meeting, and when she woke up she wandered over to an out of sight door, ostensibly to check out any visitors. 

The first clue I had that something was amiss was when I saw a white and black streak running around the side of the house. I knew the door hadn’t been left open and couldn’t imagine it was her. No such luck – she was actually quite proud of herself for opening the door – went out to pee and then decided to visit other people on the property (she had been really bored at the meeting anyway). 

Thankfully we have also been working on coming when she is called, so all is well, and she hasn’t figured out deadbolts yet so there are still options to keep her where she’s supposed to be!   


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