Dottie’s Favorite Things

Since you don’t know Dottie yet, I thought you might like to hear about her favorite things, which are, like her, a little quirky!

Food!  Normal for most dogs, but a huge deal for dottie eatingthis one, because when she arrived she was the most non food-oriented dog I’ve ever met.  Indifferent to even wet food and 10 lbs underweight is a bad combination!  She is still picky, picky, picky and turns her nose up at most treats (seriously, have you ever met a dog who doesn’t like peanut butter?!?), but she has thankfully become a little piglet about regular meals.

Bed!  She is a Dane, after all.  Most mornings she hops back in for a little post-breakfast nap.  Particularly entertaining because she seems to think that as a 100 lb dog she can somehow silently leap into the bed and nest under the covers unnoticed.  She generally has terrible separation anxiety and insists on being in the same room as me, but she will make an exception for extra time in bed.  A girl’s got to have her priorities straight, I guess!

Sheets are completely optional.


yes, she draws a crowd in every parking lot

Mini Cooper!  She was really not sure about the car at first, and had to be first bribed and then picked up and put in the back of the car (interestingly, she had no problem jumping onto things at least 2 feet higher that I didn’t want her to be on, but when asked to get in the car she acted like her hind legs were tragically weak and helpless).  Thankfully (again, 100 lbs) she decided last week that she LOVES the Mini, and now her bed had better be ready, because the second the boot is open she takes a flying leap into the car.



Toys! Pillows! Shoes!  She’s not particular on any of these, all of them are interchangeable as “toys” in her opinion.  If they have squeakers or fluff inside, they are an instant favorite (and destined to die).  She prefers to be surrounded by them when napping for some reason.

Singing! (yes, really)  NO idea on this one, but the second you start to sing, Dottie will run over and jump up on your shoulders.  As if she was trained to do so, despite having not even been trained to sit!  Video coming soon (as soon as I can find someone who can control their laughter enough to get decent video).

Napping!  Seriously, anywhere.  The other day it was warm outside, so halfway through our walk she laid down on the sidewalk and took a little rest.  Luckily the sun went behind a cloud and I was able to convince her to come back inside.  Last weekend at Lowes she had apparently walked too much and needed to rest up before the arduous trek to the car.

how to draw a crowd at Lowes. . .


“Talking” to her friends.  Again, no idea on this one but clearly it’s her thing.


Mr. Bear!  He gets a category of his own because at 7′ tall I don’t think he really can be classified as a toy.  Dottie disagrees, so he had to be temporarily relocated to save his stuffing.

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