About Dottie

Dottie was rescued in December 2015 by Great Dane Friends of 12417864_10156415206530052_4220651119732715904_n (1)Ruff Love, from a North Carolina breeder who was keeping her in terrible conditions.  Although Dottie fortunately was not mistreated, she was kept outdoors in a filthy pen, resulting in serious skin infections, double ear infections, and an abscess.  Lots of medication, good food, and TLC have gotten her almost back to glowing health, and she is learning that there is lots of world to explore beyond that nasty little pen!  For now she is just learning about living indoors (she’s a big fan of the couch, and sleeping in the bed, and pretty much all furniture), meeting new people and dogs, riding in her Mini Cooper, and getting healthy!  Next up, obedience training, and hopefully when she gets a little older and more sensible she will be a therapy dog!

2 thoughts on “About Dottie

  1. Congratulations! But do you REALLY expect her to become more “sensible”? Good luck and I hope you achieve that therapy dog status. She could really provide entertainment for those who are lacking.

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